Born in Madrid, Monica Sanz (26/03/1985) always knew his future was in show business.

With only two years, he demonstrated his parents and one day they found the little Monica dancing on stage at the restaurant where the family had gone. At that age, choose not to ever go back to sleep more than five hours a day and that he considered "a waste of time." Until that time, Monica had been a quiet, sleepy girl.

A few months later, a friend of her mother takes her first casting. Be the first time like a model, but not the last. Monica admitted that not remember anything shoot.

With six years old she won her first beauty contest. By that time among the CD of his father "Thriller." Since that time, began to worship the King of Pop and entrenched in becoming part of showbiz.
She starts with ballet classes, and participate in some school plays and some musicals. With only seven years old, she participated in an ad on TV. Monica stated that, work being so small made it more mature, and loneliness I learned to know herself better and take care of herself. Here she began to write his first songs.

Her childwood will continue between dance classes and singing, castings, some jobs and sports, like basketball.

With 12 years suffers a foot injury that away from her dance classes and her dream of becoming a dancer. By accident, the scout Matt Sheffield finds her and offers to work as a model, doing some photos for the magazine "Marie Claire."

In that year, first walked the catwalk in Barcelona, and make some photographic work. Schwarzkov begin with, followed by L'Oreal Paris, Spejo's or Marco Aldany.

Once cured of his foot injury, will continue with the singing and ballet. With Glorya Farr would turn her life begins to receive protocol classes, makeup, styling and gateway. Meanwhile, she does not leave out the music backwards, starting with modern dance.

Between 2000 and 2005 left Spain, his life takes place in France, Italy and Germany. Her career grows and begins to be known as an international model, still image from large companies in international campaigns not only in Europe but also in Japan and the U.S..

In 2003, an ad starring Monica lingerie from La Perla causes a car accident in Tokyo, Japan. The brand of the car decided to campaign on that model, saying it was particularly safe for "clinging to the corners."
The announcement received harsh criticism, accusing him of being sexist. In it, Monica posing underwear again while dodging the car's passing very close to her.

In 2005 for her modeling career to return to Spain and study on audiovisual production in Madrid. At that point, it is known as "The Goddess" and for having one of the most beautiful and symmetrical faces in the world and have received several awards for his work as a model. Nevertheless,s he decided to focus on music.

She graduated after two years as the first of its kind. Despite wanting to devote herself entirely to music, she decided to return to the world of fashion, yes, her modeling career relegated to second place.

In 2008 she started producing her CD, in that year, their jobs as they become more selected model to not interrupt the musical career of Monica. In that year, working with Victor Cucart, which states that Monica is his muse and renamed it "The Goddess."

In 2009 her work gradually became more sporadic. During the last months of that year and early 2010 will focus solely on production of his CD.

Her first single, "Irresistible" was number 1 on iTunes in clicks before the official release date, on March 2, 2010.

Their second single, "Stupid Groupie" came out in October, giving us a great show of her melodious voice in this ballad.