Name: Monica Sanz.

Nickname: She is known as The Goddess ( Lately, some people have called her “The Big Jack” because of her talent and because she likes Michael Jackson’s music and Angus Young’s guitar, who wrote a song with this name).

Birthdate: 26th March 1985.

Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain.

Sign: Aries.

Marital Status: Single.

Job: Singer, producer, songwriter, dancer and model.

Lucky number: 7.

Addictions: chocolate, champagne and high heels!

Hobbies: music, dance, parties.

Favourite film: When she was little she loved “Pretty Woman”. She loves romantic films and action films but she hates terror films.

Favourite books: Enchanted Forest, Memoirs of a Geisha and The Da Vinci Code.

Favourite colour: metallic blue.

Idol: She is a big fan of Michael Jackson.

Favourite Music: From Jackson or Madonna to AC/DC or Foo Fighters. She says she listens to all kinds of music and she pays a lot of attention to lyrics.

Favourite designer: She loves John Galliano, Valentino for special nights and Elieb Saab, and much more!

In her feet: She usually wears Christian Loboutine’s.

Favorite actor: Morgan Freeman and Johnny Depp.

Favorite Actress: Anne Hathaway.

Favourite food: She loves Asian food and pasta, and she eats a lot of fast food.

Favourite drink: If it’s not the right moment to drink champagne, she drinks cold tea of different flavours.

Favourite animal: Black Panther.

Best Virtue: She is very sensitive and tolerant.

Worst fault: She is impatient.

She admires: Tolerance and respect.

She hates: Lies and betrayals.

Mania: Lots! Above all, about drinking and eating above all. She is very superstitious and sometimes she is defined as “a bit excentric”.

Phobia: She can’t stand some reptiles and some insects (she is allergic) and she says she suffers from agoraphobia (her job is always testing her in this sense).

Pets: A female samoyedo, a present for her 24th Birthday. Its name is Diva because when she unwrapped it some glitter fell on the puppy..

Motto: Live the moment!

Some quotes by Monica Sanz:
  • Doing the right thing doesn’t have any risk of failing nor reward and can make you feel stupid.
  • The way to hell is made with the best intentions.
  • I just lie when I have to tell “It’s not what it seems”.
  • You can’t waste the chance of being quiet. It’s better if you seem an idiot than prove it.
  • Criticise is for losers.
Her perfect boy is: romantic, funny and very faithful.

A perfect date: a rainy Sunday watching a good romantic film with good company and with lots of sweets and chocolate!

She never leaves home without: sunglasses and the i-phone.

Her places: She loves big cities and hates the countryside, because she is allergic to most of the insects and plants. Toe scape she loves paradisiac beaches.