Thursday, June 3, 2010

New post in Monica's blog

Monica wrote yesterday in her personal blog, with a new photo and a video:

I’m still near of you (in Madrid, Oops! I did it again LOL) and I’m missing you like thousand of years would have happened since last Sunday. I won’t forget my beautiful warriors in Cataluña! (I really think you all looked pretty) You rock, girls!I just want to thank everyone for your love and support and make me feel like at home wherever I’ve been. Thank you so much!I also need to thank one of the persons I belong for being there always, love me and take care of me whatever I do (for good or bad)."The perfect fan" is a special song for me today. It had no sense when I was fourteen and Nick Carter was the 50% of my thoughts (that was why my mom took me to first gig maybe?). Yes, the rest was "Mom, I'm gonna be a singer when I grow up, you'll see". Of course, nobody believed me (no then, neither today although I repeat it seriously) but everything has changed in the last ten years and I would not be here with any other mom.I thought my mom would change her attitude to me when I'm older and I'd have my own music. I really thought she would feel prouder, but not, a mom always is a fan of her children whatever they do (all my efford don't worth when it's about her). So I know she will be there for me if I fall down, like when I was starting to walk alone.I'd like to relive the moment with her eleven years after, this time, after my own concert, where she will be like the best of my fans, even if I fall.Mom, I love you, Happy birthday!
Here you have the song for you too.
Love, Monica.


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