Thursday, June 3, 2010

Radio list to ask for Monica

Here we put information that has passed the Staff of the Fan Club, so do not fail to ask Monica on the radio. You can also view this information in the forum's official website Monica Sanz ( and the Fan Club forum you can discuss anything about the subject and on their website:

Hola a tod @ s!

As you know, since he left Irresistible, we have been working and trying to make the first single from Monica Sanz sounded on the radio while online, such as FM.

At first, it was himself who contacted fanclub radios Monica Sanz to present and to call to schedule their music on their stations. As you can see, so far the results we have obtained are

Although there are radios that put Monica Sanz, there are others that have not responded to our emails.

We have to see that Monica Sanz has fans and we want to hear on the radio and for that we need the help of you all.

Then I'll put a number of radio stations with their email addresses:

1. Trak FM Pamplona:
2. Onda Tenerife Radio:
3. Radioneria Corcubion fm:
4. Radio juventud:
5. Maxim FM radio online:
6. Radio Jesus Quintero
7. Radio Calasparra:
8. Radio Oasis Salamanca:
9. Radio mar la línea
10. Onda Maracena Radio:
11. Radio fuentes de león
12. Ocio radio grupo onda sierra:
13. FM motril radio
14. Más radio comunidad valenciana:
15. Radio la hoya:
16. Optima fm:
17. Radio ritmo Getafe:
18. Elite fm radio online
19. Onda gillena radio
20. San miguel radio:
21. radio malpartida
22. formula splash fm:
23. Onda axarquia radio
24. Plus fm tu radio :
25. Musicalia radio :
26. Onda jove radio narcea
27. Sordafm radio :
28. Nueva onda radio:
29. Uniradio jaen:
30. Chavales fm
31. Megatop romantico
32. Llosa fm radio :
33. Radiosiete:
34. canals radio
35. Radio la konda :
36. Radio borge:
37. Radio villamayor:
38. Interlove radio
39. Radio jaraíz:
40. Radio Olivenza
41. Radiopolis:
42. Radio sierra segura:
43. Radio iliberis
44. Esencia radio:
45. Orbita FM radio :
46. Radio Pontevedra:
47. Last music FM:
48. Cinco estrellas FM:
49. Radio ribera:
50. Radiobox:
51. Radio oasis:
52. Radio colombina:
53. Radio Arucas:
54. Radio One Valencia:
55. Bas
56. Radio Cable:
57. Radio
58. CRTVG:
59. Radio Hit Bilbao:
60. Radio Gigante:
61. La mega radio:
62. Radio Langreo:
63. Mi radio FM:
64. Onda 8:
65. Ondabakana:
66. Radio Chinchilla:
67. Si Galicia:
68. RTV FM:
69. Sol Radio:
70. Radio Villamayor:
71. 90 FM Radio:
72.Radio Play Music :
73.Radio Juventud 102.3fm (Málaga)
74.Fusión Radio (Málaga)
75.Radio Axarquia :

To achieve what we set, we write all these radios calling for the song Monica Sanz. From the fanclub, we have permission to send the mp3 Irresistible to the radios, so they are easier to get the song and not have to make the effort to download it from any legal platform as Itunes, Amazon or eMusic.

Then, in the mails that we send, we propose to Monica Sanz prick and if you are interested, we will forward the song from the fanclub.

A person who receives a reply, you must communicate it to the staff of the fan club, either in this topic or email, so we can send Irresistible.

I hope I explained well but if you have any questions, just ask!

We expect your cooperation and thanks in advance!


Thank you very much everyone for your help!
and the FanClub espercial through the list


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