Thursday, December 9, 2010

Digital Meet for Asia with Monica Sanz

Hi everybody!

I’m so happy to be here tonight!

Tonight was going to be my first night sleeping, and you are not gonna let me! ;P I only would do it because of you!

You always compensate me so, I’m really excited to chat to you all and I can’t wait to see you again…I would cross my fingers to make it happens maybe soon! ;P

Asia, here I go!!!

Spanish culture is very popular in Asia, Will you sing always in english or will we listen any spanish song, or any version?

I don’t know, it’s something I’ve never thought about. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been writing in both language so it could be, but for me, spanish is more personal maybe and it could be more intimidating that singing in english. I think that spanish language is more passional, intense, I don’t wanna say more beautiful but it definately makes me feel more sometimes. Maybe it’s the way we spanish talk. The answer is a question: would you like it?

I love your new look! Why have you changed your hair? Do you feel better that way? Who decide about your image?

Thank you so much! I don’t know why I did it, it just happened!

I feel the same way, I am who I am the same way…less boring! And about my look it’s me the one who decides always. Me, myself and I… and my stylist, but me at first place! The fact I’ve made his new campaign has nothing to say, he just loves my ideas…so he called me and told me: Monica, I need you! (Just kidding)

I love him so much and he is an important support to me, so acepted it inmediately! But I have to say the campaign will be only for Spain, England, Italia and the USA.

I love your voice and image, What do you usually do for taking care of them?

No much! Honestly I’m thankful because I don’t treat them so good at all! But I have some rules for myself: I don’t smoke, I don’t drink cold, gas neither alcohol drinks, milk is a must and my cream is always with me! Oops! And I avoid the bad weather because I need to be hot always! But apart of this, I do what I have to do, paying no attention to myself.

Would you dare to sing in japanese?

Of course! It’s so easy that I don’t know how I didn’t think about it before! Better in Malagui! Sangat menarik will be my next single!

We know that in Japan you and Stupid Groupie are on a higher demand, what would you say to your asian fans and how the asian fans are? Do you see any difference with other fans?

I need to say thank you so much to everyone who has downloaded my single, thank you so much all the times you want! You’re making this happens! You’ve made me so happy! I can’t believe yet! You’re magical in all senses. You are always supporting me, giving me your love and I feel so blessed!

Asian fans are one of the most passionate…I love when fans scream, cry, jump or smile…and they do, it’s another kind. They feel everything so much, and for an artist seeing this, it’s a present. I feel proud of them and so happy and satisfied when that happens.

Every fan is different, feels different and supports in a different way I guess, but japanese people is so intense. They live the moment and I love this! I feel overprotected there!

Irresistible and Stupid groupie are such two different songs, are the rest of the songs you compose so different between them too? Different styles and rhythms?

Yes, they are. I try everything I like! It depends of what and how I feel in the moment I’m writing, and what I wanna say in the song!

I don’t wanna do always the same, neither being the girl who “does that”…my songs are a part of me, of what I feel, and I feel so different things, I’m always changing and I can not avoid my reflection in my songs!

Sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I’m happy, worried, naughty…It helps me to know me better too. I need to express this, so sometimes I just let my madness go, and a song happens.
I’m not interested about writting what everybody expects from me, my songs should be the way to know me, and I’m sure nobody out there knows the real Monica, so maybe people who don’t know me can think it’s weird…but I feel confortable with my songs.

Basically the message could be that I can be Irresistible sometimes (my pouts are adorable) and so Stupid at the time! And yes, both sides is me! And many more!

What do you think about our country (Japan) What do you know?

I love Japan! It’s been a very important country in my whole career!

I know a bit of Yokohama, Hiroshima, Kobe and Tokyo. I specially love a zone called Harajuku, where going for shopping it’s so crazy! I love the harajuku fashion, the parks there full of music and people! It’s my favorite place in Japan, I think. Girls got so amazing looks!

You’ve been working as a fashion model and you are a singer, what do you think about japanese fashion and music?

Japanese people make many tendencies! I love the different styles you guys, got there for dressing up: the lolitas, I really love Oshare, and of couse, my kodona boys…fashion is another kind there! You are so free and funny! Open minded people! I love Yohji Yamamoto so much! Shu Uemura is my ruin, too! If I live there, I’d be ruined!

About music, I love the visual and Oshare kei influences although it’s not my thing! Malice Mizer…I don’t know. It’s nice going to Yoyogi park just to listen! But unfortunately I can not go much!

Do you identify with anything of our culture? Do you like our food, for example?

I love asian food and I even eat it when I’m not there! I love the rhythm you live, your discos, your technology, your sense of humor, you always have a smile on your lips and it’s very nice how you welcome people. So cute! I really feel good there and I miss you when I’m leaving!

It’s like a different energy, a different “no break”, so fun! Hot people! Asia always surprises me! It’s a source of inspiration to me, I always come back changed, I always see something new I thought it couldn’t be possible! When I’m back from there, I always think everything it’s possible if I put all my efford on it!

When are you coming back to Japan and Malasia?

5 days, so…Sayonara till then!

Thank you so much for this amazing meeting! Aishiteru! So much!



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