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Interview to Monica Sanz in El Fiesta nº6

As we announced, Monica Sanz is on the cover of “El Fiesta” on their december’s cover.

In the magazine, you’ll find…an exclusive interview and new pictures from Monica Sanz!

What does music means for you?

It’s everything, I can’t live without it. I think life is impossible without music y every moment of our life has a particular OST. Whatever I do, I do it always singing, touching everything to make new rhythms…I disconnected thinking about music. Music make me alive, make me remember people, moments. It’s difficult to impress me without music.

Is there any genre you’ll like to try?

When something catches my attention, I prove it directly. I’ve done so different things, but flamenco is something that I don’t think I would ever try. I love it, I enjoy it so much, but I think that you should take it in and I’m not very “flamenca”…

A lot of people from out of Spain, ask me continually to introduce flamenco, thinking that just for being spanish, I had learned it in kindergarten.

The truth is that, although in some moments you can see my Spanish influence, I don’t think I’ll prove it, for respect to all flamenco artist and because I don’t have any charm!

How many hours do you spend rehearsing the staging?

All the time I had until the gig! If there are months, then months. Never is enough. Always you can go further. Sometimes I prepare the staging only “just in case”, because I don’t like to improvise, although other times, I can end the performance at the edge of a heart attack because I don’t trust that all will have had time to have it all.

Besides, I can make people go crazy because I change everything all the time, if not, I get bored!

What are your upcoming projects?

I can’t say so much, but my priority now is to achieve my album production. I know that it’s an album complicated to release, it needs a a high budget that right now is not easy tp have in the industry, but the idea is stuck in my head and I’ll try to release it!

Your fanclub wanted to participate in this number from El Fiesta asking four questions selected from all the received, that we have to say, they were a lot.

What process do you follow to choose your next single? What criteria do you used when selecting a single?

No one from the team makes filling songs, so any song can be a single or stay in the drawer. When they tell me that it’s time to choose, I send the one I’d like to hear in that moment. In fact, the second single would not have been “Stupid Groupie” and I didn’t know which one I’ll release until two weeks before.

In every working day there are new songs, new ideas, when do you think you could say that the album is finally finished?

By number of songs, last year it could have been released. The problem is on the production. Once we know if there’s going to be album or not, we’ll have to wait the time it takes to be produced.

I know I’m asking to much but I need my fans to be patients and that they understand how difficult it is. I have to work with so many people and convince many more. It may seem I’m doing anything because you can’t see the behind the scenes working, but I don’t stop. It’s possible that is my fault because I’m so maniacal and I attempt to control everything.

In the digital meet, you said that when it’s time to act, nor Irresistible, neither Stupid Groupie, were the styles with which you feel the most comfortable. So, what is the style that you like singing the most?

I love to sing jazz, lyric, blues, sould, and the more, rock. It doesn’t mean I only make this, or that I don’t want to sing the singles. I simply think that Irresistible or Stupid Groupie are better songs for others things, like staging, etc. They are more complete to act, but I don’t sing them at home!

Singing is what I like the most in the world, so whenever they let me, I sing, whatever!

We know that you have recorded so many songs…we have known your naughty side with Irresistible and all the opposite with Stupid Groupie. The rest of the song…What they talk about?

About everything! They are songs about almost everything that happens to me and those things that happened to me are so strange, so… Everything I love, makes me angry or everything that passionate me, is reflected! There are songs about some persons too… and even Diva has her song!

There is a future visit to Spain prepared to meet your fans?

It can be…I’m not sure if I have to go to Spain soon, but I’ll love to take a visit to meet my fans there.

What do you feel when you step on stage?

Nerves, a bit of vertigo. Sometimes I can’t stop laughing before going up on stage. Everybody starts to say to me all the things I have to do, that I can’t forget, etc y I only think: “you’ll see what mess you’re causing!” I think everybody is afraid of me and they are not calm until everything finishes.

What is in the first thing that you think about the scene?

I am unconscious. You don’t think so much, you just feel and the rest works out alone. When the public gives all, everything flows.

When the public submits, everything flows. The principal goal is to achieve, during the time that the performance lasts, a parallel universe. Make everybody believe in magic is most important thing.

Did you said Mum! I want to be an artist!?

Not exactly. I used to say: Mum! I’m going to be an artist! In my family, they don’t like all this, but they were warned! If they didn’t believe me, is their problem. No one can say I didn’t warn about it!

What do you do during your free time?

My free time is never free because I’m always available for my producers, agents, etc. I never disconnect completely and I make it pleased. When I’m not busy I spend my time with my people whatever it is what they have to do. If I’m to far and I can travel with them, these moments are the moments in which my coach decided to make my life impossible, and then I realize how much I love not to be free ever! If not, I’m always writing, dancing, trying to cook without burning the kitchen …

The best of my free moments is to read my fans, I read everything that they write to me and I try to answer to their letters, etc. I promise myself to read more answers on twitter. I love seeing my fans together, is like having a separate family.

Our friend Jhonny Nacimiento have wanted to collaborate with us in this interview by sending four questions for you. Jhonny feels so proud for being the first one that presented Irresistible to the world and for being the first one who make an interview to you as a singer and that’s because he have a special affection to you. (He is sending a big hug to you)

What balance would you do about what you have experienced musically until now?

First of all, a biiiig kiss, Jhonny!

It has been like a dream, well, it’s a dream! Everything so positive! Is the most enriching experiencia I’ve ever lived! I feel so blessed and I’ve know sensations completely new for me. It has been a liberation, I needed it! But this has only just begun!

What importance have your fans in your life?

All of it and I get surprise because each day, more. When I think I’m at the limit with them, they overcome it. They are the most important thing because without them, there’s nothing. My worry for not disappointing them continues growing because they give it all. I will be always in debt with them.

It is important the humility in an artist?

Yes, the humility and the respect are essential. You can’t forget where do you come from. It is true that I took classes of singing and dance thanks to my parents, but the truth is that when I began I was a street dancer. I danced with my friends in parks and streets full of drug addicts and slightly advisable people. And I know that now there are still a lot of people with talent that can only dance there, so I’m conscious of all the chances and all the luck I have.

I think that I wouldn’t value all that if I hadn’t found it hard to obtain it. For example, If I had autoproduced my album. It is a business but think that everything’s possible with money is a mistake. You need to live real blows to learn and live all that the exasperating moments. You suffer but the music compensates everything.

It’s important that you don’t go crazy and that somebody tells you to stop or says things the way they are. It’s a complicated business.

It is important that you do not turn madman and beech anybody who stops you or says the things to you since they are. There is in game much more than money: the dreams and illusions of many persons: you and those who are there for you. You can’t fail, you can’t believe anything, then you fall down. If I don’t achieve my objective with the album, honestly, I’m more worried about the disillusion and disappointment of my fans with me, that about my own fall.

In my case, it’s so soon for something like this to happen but the day that I says a stupidity, my assistant will shout to me. She’s the one that more watches over me and the one who lived all my blows of stress and anxiety, so I am called her affectionately ” the punching “.

Do you think that you have something that to improve professionally?

Absolutely everything! You always can and should improve. And I’m glad to have so much to improve because to touch ceiling with two singles in the street would mean to be a disaster. It’s a long way career, you don’t have to improve only, you have to evolve.

With what singer or group would you like to sing?

Every day I admire more people. I don’t think that it is possible ever but I would like to sing with Celine Dion, with ACDC, with Plácido Domingo or Chester Bennington, for example!

What is the nicer thing that a fan has done for you?

To have faith in me whatever happens and to approach me! I’m thankful for all the presents and all that, but I hate when people asks if they can approach me, maybe they are scared to do it, but I love to meet them! I understand that bodyguards impose but if not, I don’t find out! I love to meet my fans, to feel them nearby, thay they write to me or shout…whatever!

What do you think about Amigos del

I would like that there would be more platforms like this one. Not only for the artist, also for the support towards the fanclubs. I hope that you could help a lot of people that has so much to give and don’t have the means to show it.

Hope there were more persons that were interested in the music as you. I wish you to grow very much, that you get compensate for the whole help and to enjoy our work. Ah! And to repeat with you soon!



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