Thursday, December 9, 2010

Monica Sanz's Notes: Rock It!baby

I want my baby is gonna be like this one! Isn't he adorable?

But it will happen the day I'm pregnant because by the moment, I'm not! Or at least I don't know... nah, it's impossible!

Ok, everybody has showed me the pictures in NY and I just can say I can't explain it!

It's a bit of embarrasing but the truth is that it was NOT a baby, just some cakes, I guess! The reality is that I am just fatter!

I promise I will communicate the day I am pregnant for everybody to know it, because of my respect to my fans, but I am not now and I don't plan to be!

I said I want to have at least...5 children, but I just have no time for kids right now!

Music and warriors are the first things to me! So everybody, calm down!

You have been near to kill my producers! haha.




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