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Official Forum Digital Meet with Monica Sanz – 26 October 2010

Hi everyone!

Nice to meet you here this time!

I need to say I’m so sad today because Paul, the octopus, has passed away! Yes, I know, it’s even worse, thinking he has not passed away in a pot! (RIP)

I have not much time so, let’s see what you’ve got to me!

1. What did you think when you were said the website was collapsed because there were too many people trying to download your single?

It was unexpected and, at the moment, disagreable. I thought many people would be furious with me! I felt impotence, I could do nothing. On 21st when everybody could listen to it, it was a kind of relief. The team made everything they could.

Now I cannot wait to see the statistics, I don’t want to illude. Don’t know if all the odissey was possitive or negative. I think there will be less downloads because the people were angry, and it’s half distributed, so many people has shared it ilegally.

2. Now that you have two singles, if you had the chance to make a videoclip of one of the, which one would be?

Between them, I’d choose “Stupid Groupie”, there are many people wanting to be the main role!

But it’s just a dream, by now. There’s a story, but “Irresistible” is more visual and full of energy.

Anyway, I think I’d do it with other songs. It often happens that, when I write a song, or when it’s finished, I can imagine how the videoclip would be. But today I’m only able to dream of it.

3. We’ve seen you do everything… Fast songs as “Irresistible”, and slower as “Stupid Groupie”.
Which one do you like to perform the most?

Between them, “Stupid Groupie” to sing, and “Irresistible” to dance. But they really aren’t my favourite songs to do, and the style is not the one I feel more comfortable with, but they’re mine, I know them really well, and that helps.

They’re not easy to play unplugged. Really often, in the studio, I can sing better without music, o unplugged, than with full-volume tracks.

The solution is easy: writting other things. I do it, but I write what I like, and I prefer addapting myself to the songs than on reverse. Absolutely in everything. When I have the song I think of what does it need, no matter if my voice won’t be that shiny or if I have to spend more hours doing the arrangements.

I’m possitive, and when I do it, I think: “There will come a day I will have the chance of an unplugged concert with a capella parts.”

4. Why did you finally decided this to be your second single?

At first, “Stupid Groupie” was about to be kept on a drawer, as many others, but because of the delay in May and after some months I wasn’t keen on releasing that one, I didn’t like it for this moment.

A rainy day, alone at home, I found “Stupid Groupie”, and I think it was a signal. Heard it a thousand times, and brought it to the studio. I think the song itself decided to be released.

5. What is “Stupid Groupie” really about.

Everyday somebody asks me why do I hate groupies, but the song is not about a groupie. It’s exactly the opposite!

“Stupid Groupie” is about that fanatic love of someone who would do anything for the person that is in love with or so it thinks.

The girl of the song doesn’t want to let the chance to discover her true “love”, or fake herself to feel loved by the one she sees as the perfect man, the love of her life, that she doesn’t know. And she knows it! She really doesn’t know if she’s in love with him, or with the image she has from the star, but it’s her passion, her obsession.

The song is about many topics, and it has no ending, that’s the best! It talks about fame, real love, subjective love, the distorted image the media can create of someone, fanatism, superficiality, disillution, desperation, making dreams come true… But above all, it’s about something I’m lately quite obsessed with: not let something I want undone!

6. Do you think you’re closer to have the physical cd in your hands?

It scares me just think of it. I hope I am everyday, of course!

That’s what I wish the most, but everybody knows how music industry is now. I keep on fighting. It’s hard, but I hope every step helps.

I really hope “Stupid Groupie” is the key for it, but I don’t have any statistics yet so, as far as I know, the managers haven’t changed their minds!

7. Do you have a method for writting, I mean, you sit calmly to write, or you go on writting every idea you have in a day (papers, phone…) and then try to fix them all?

Sitting? Never! I live with my producers day a day, and every silly thing is a story for them to make a song. They’re mad…

I don’t have much free time, well, I don’t have free time, so anything is ok to remember what comes, and the we fix it, but I don’t change it. Sometimes I record myself and when I listen it’s like: “Aren’t you embarrased?”, other times I write things in my body… But I never keep something that has to be revised, I believe in genuine things, and there’s a lot of work after that.

8. What was the inspiration for an incredible song such as “Stupid Groupie”?

In the studio, I’m everyday listening to he producers’ stories with music legends. I feel fascinated. I had nightmares because of them.

I think the original groupies haven’ been well recognized. There are stories about pricesses, wives… And songs about many women, but I think many groupies that had an important role in music’s history have been kept in the shadow.

The ‘80s groupies weren’t just one night stand lovers. They wanted to share everyting with rockstars and their life was dedicated to them. They cared about the instruments, getting drug or whatever was necessary for they idols to feel happy. Most of them ruined their lifes because of the other. There are many hard stories…

In the other hand, they were muses. They inspired their lovers and thanks to them, many of the best history’s songs existed.

They’re secondary roles that, to me, are essential to understand some idols, although I don’t think the same.

I haven’t understood yet if they were brave or coward, rebels or standing, but I think they were generous and, at least, lived.

All this has many things in common with my life, and I think that’s why I feel interesten on trying to understand them. For example, I tought it was impossible, but now I’m conscient that a girl of my age can date a 103 years old producer just because she admires him. I respect it, I listen to their stories without winking, as if they were my grannys!

9. We know you often work on the studio at night, and that something many artists do. Does it have any explanation? Do you feel better inpiration at night or maybe feel free without press and fans?

It’s just that I don’t like sleeping, and there’s nobody around so I have the chance to touch everything and let things the way I want. At 5, nobody wants to argue!

It’s because they don’t understand me and I can keep things the way I want! At first, they use to change them in the morning, but they don’t insist anymore!

The best is when I have to use the mixing table at 4:00 and and I don’t really know where to start! I’ve broken it twice… So now somebody stays with me at the sofa and I wake him up if needed!

10. How do you choose the instruments and sound to use on each song?

I see the songs in a general way, an holistic idea and almost finished. I write while I mentally listen to it, so when I get to the studio, I know what I want.

I make producers and I almost give then a beatbox session. Amazing! Then they speak a really strange language, do what they think I mean and then call me to complain. They’re really nice people

11. How long did it take to write “Stupid Groupie”?

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t say. I think like all of them, in a private party at home. It doesn’t last too much, then the longest process comes, which is trying everything, but writtin is just one night. They come!

12. This year’s MTV EMA’s are in Madrid, are you coming?

I don’t know where’s my invitation! If I find… I’m a disaster!

The truth is that I’m not keen on parties, I have a lot of work to do, but I want to meet my Spanish girls so, maybe!

Thank you everybody for this meet!
I’ve had a great time with you guys, and I hope you have enjoyed at least like me!
I love you so much! Take care! God bless!
See you!



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