Saturday, December 11, 2010

Provisional Agenda Monica Sanz in Spain

Yesterday, Monica Sanz on Twitter announced that it was in Spain and we just received its provisional agenda for the days that will happen in our country.

First, we transmit that from the management of Monica Sanz regret not being able to tell us more time to fan club and other followers, but has been an unexpected trip at the last minute. Also, added Monica Sanz apology and we convey his desire to return early to meet some fans.

Here, we confirm some of the events I will attend:

Thursday, December 9:
Introducing brand of alcoholic beverage. (No sponsor)
Opening Bambuda room Madrid
Picture of Daniel Romero.

Friday, December 10:
Visit Sonobox.
Musical event. (No sponsor)

Saturday, December 11:
Spanish publication photo shoot
Extra production meeting.
Help solidarity Gala.

Sunday, December 12:
Lady Gaga Concert
In its current agenda, no longer scheduled in Spain, so if tampered with, informed.

Public events are promoted, but pray that those fans seeking a meeting with Monica Sanz, do not attend private events, in order to avoid the inconvenience that may arise in the studies.


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