Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stupid Groupie now avaliable!

The website of Monica Sanz is now restored and you can purchase their second single "Stupid Groupie" by clicking on:

When selecting the single that want to purchase, you will be asked your email address where, after a transfer of 2.99 € to the account that you indicate, you will get the new song.

Follow the steps outlined in and enjoy Stupid Groupie:

Because the delay was due to technical problems, and banking service does not offer immediate download from the management have decided to handle each request, in these early days, just send a screenshot or the conduct of justificantede transfer to:
You must include the ticket number order on the concept of mail and when the situation returns to normal, the signs again be marked by the website.

Link: c2% a1stupid-groupie-already-available /


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