Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monica Sanz Interview for W Magazine

Today it’s not a common day, and I will not be a common guy. I’m in the Intercontinental in NYC waiting for Monica Sanz. Yes, I have a date with “ The Goddess”. She is in the restaurant. Everyone is looking at her. I’m feeling admired and hated at the same time. She says hello to me with two kisses (she is Spanish) and I check that she is really wonderful in person. She is just perfect. She is beautiful, funny, and…on time. We sit down, recorder machine “on” and we start to talk.

W- It’s a pleasure doing an interview to you, how are you?

MS- Very good, thanks. And you?

W- Intimidated! I’m in front of The Goddess and everyone is looking at us.

MS- Ups! I’m sorry, it will be just 5 minutes, you’ll see!

W- Aren’t you tired of being always observed?

MS- Actually, it’s your fault. They just look at us because there are cameras. This doesn’t happen to me always.

W- However, you are a top model, you are used to cameras…

MS- Above all, photo cameras, of course. After all this time they don’t annoy me and it’s not an effort being natural when there is one.

W- Do you think that being a model you have the obligation of being always perfect and doing the right thing?

MS- No! I’m not perfect and I don’t pretend to be perfect. I don’t pretend seem perfect either. I don’t do always what I must, I do what I feel I have to do. I don’t recommend anyone to do always the right thing.

W- Why?

MS- Doing always the right thing hasn’t got any reward or any risk of failure and can make you feel stupid. It’s no sense.

W- Do you act by impulses?

MS- Very often. Although I would say by intuition.

W- It’s said you have a German head and a Spanish heart…

MS- It could be. I suppose that they say that because I let myself go and I follow what I want but my head helps me to be prudent and tidy to take decisions.

W- Have you got clear ideas of what you want?

MS- Yes, since I was a child.

W- Have you got it?

MS- Not yet but it’s because I want a lot of things.

W- However, you didn’t want to be a model and you have become “The Goddess”, muse of designers and photographers…

MS- Sometimes things don’t happen as you wish! (laughs)

W- So if you would have wished it…

MS- Maybe I wouldn’t have got anything. Life is like that! I became a model wishing it or not, and I think whatever you do, you have to do your best. I’m grateful for the chance they gave me because it has taught me a lot.

W- But I see that neither the spotlights nor the flashes have dazzled you to forgive the music…

MS- Not at all.

W- When are you going to lock yourself in the studio?

MS- As I said to you, it will be by intuition. When I feel a project mine or I identify myself completely with it, I will do it. I don’t want anything pre- made, or made quickly to sell or fulfill. For me it will be something very personal. I even would tell you that I’m more intimidated for telling or singing what I feel in a song than appearing naked in the front page of a magazine. Dancing and singing , something that comes out from you…that shows more from you.

W- But your CD could work in America. In Germany they have asked you for it…aren’t you scared of loosing fans for waiting too much?

MS- I’m very grateful to the fans and I respect them a lot. That same respect makes me believe that if must be a CD, must be one made to measure. They deserve a careful, elaborate product and I will dedicate myself completely during a period of time. If I see I can’t do anything really good, I prefer not to do it. I don’t care a lot if it’s liked or not, but I care if it’s well made or not.

W- Have you had any offer to bring out this CD, the moment hasn’t arrived?

MS- No. Some things must happen before that. Firstly, I have to finish all the closed commitments, because they have already trusted in me. I have to be sure 100% that I can dance. I’m completely recovered from my injury but I have to recover the dancer form. I keep the voice because I train it every day with my canto teacher and my “vocal couch”. Finally, it would be fundamental receive the offer from the right people. People who I would trust to make this project. If I work in the music world, it’s for being a singer, not a model who bring out a CD.

W- It’s true that you have very clear ideas…

MS- And I’m a bit stubborn…

W- You have a very tidy head, in your everyday life have you got everything so clear?

MS- Most of the things, yes. Above all, important decisions. But later I spend two hours choosing a T-shirt…

W- Have you ever want to become a designer?

MS- Yes, but that’s very far now. Maybe when I settle my life more.

W- Don’t you like travelling?

MS- Yes, I love it.

W- What conclusion comes out after knowing a lot of places?

MS- That I have a lot of more places to know and that everyone is the same deep down.

W- Tell me a place where you would lose yourself…

MS- Alone? A big city with a lot of shops, as NY.

W- Do you finish with all the things in the shops (I look at her impeccable look).

MS- Not as you are thinking about it! (I’ve been caught)

W- Do you spend a lot of money in clothes?

MS- No, not much. I buy what I like or what I need but I don’t get crazy about it.

W- Does Monica Sanz know how much money has she got in the bank?

MS- Yes.

W- Sure?

MS- More or less, yes.

W- Is more than you wished? (I noticed she is uncomfortable because of the question and she let me know).

MS- I don’t like talking about money. It makes me feel very nervous and I don’t think anyone cares if I’m rich or not. Anyway, I never dreamt being rich, but working in what I like.

W- Talking about interest, why don’t you give more interviews?

MS- I prefer appearing just when I have to tell something important. For example, the photo shooting “My bed is my studio” which I loved making it.

W- Sure! In fact, that was my excuse to be in front of you today…

MS- You have forgotten it, huh?

W- No, I let it for the end. ( Smart girl. She has directed the conversation). It’s a very intimate campaign…

MS- It is. The photos are very personal for being a campaign. The lingerie was perfect and I think the simple line of the sets contrast with the shots. The B/W and just one complement, the duvet make the lingerie the main protagonist in the images. I loved the collection. The soft, smooth and simple fabrics. It covers you but not much and without showing too much. It’s sexy and confortable. It doesn’t mark you. Perfect for any situation!

W- Do you like lingerie?MS- A lot. You have to be well dressed also inside. There is so beautiful lingerie that must be shown in the street.

W- (“Many men would be grateful for that” think for myself) You look amazing with it. (She gets red)

MS- Thanks…

W- Have you ever thought that your photos are seen for many women and men that desire you and can even fantasize with you?MS- No! I have thought when the photos are published they can be reviewed and I’m embarrassed for that…

W- You must think about the other part too…

MS- I don’t think that can happen and don’t know…I prefer let it go. (Laughs)

W- You are getting red, has the top models complex?

MS- Everyone has them! In general, I’m glad of myself, but I think that is healthy find in you some weaknesses. It helps you to know yourself better and you have to know how to laugh about it too.

W- In the photos we can’t see yours, you must be happy with the result, dont you?

MS- Thanks. Yes, you can always do it better, but yes.

W- Permanyer says that you are like a panther: defiant, intimidating, dangerous…

MS- Really?

W- Yes, but he says is just until someone knows you and I admit that I have seen it and I agree…You impress people at first sight.

MS- I’m sorry, I don’t want it and I don’t like it. I’m not a cold and distant person, in fact I’m the opposite. But you are not the first one in telling me that. I think it’s because at first I’m very shy and my insecurity makes me be a bit distant just in case, but I trust in people soon.

W- Would you trust me another interview when you get ready for another project?

MS- Sure!


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