Friday, April 15, 2011

Monica Sanz's Notes: Jump sure and happy! (Doesn't it remind you an advert?)

Warriors, you can’t imagine how hard my dancers work. I know “my somebody” has shown you a bit of the morning, afternoon and evening, but you don’t know that, with my schedule, those guys were with me from the early morning, ready for making a great job and learning everything. The choreography was not easy and they did!

Here you have the proof, trying to make one of the steps. It’s not easy trusting people you don’t know immediately so yes, some steps were not easy for me and they tried to make me trust…although even they didn’t trust themselves at all!!!

Fortunately I was too slept to feel how my legs were, and to hear what they were saying!

First sentence, to me: “Monica, 90% of acrobatics consist about not being scared, so jump!”
One minute after, to the dancer: “Be careful, she’s gonna land her mouth on the floor!”

I survived this time! Love!


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