Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monica Sanz's Notes: Next time you'll make it better!

Last night all my Spanish warriors were in my heart (literally, my brazalet) but it was not enough for me. I’m extremely sad for not sharing with you such a magical night and I’m sorry, but to be honest, I couldn’t do a thing.

I’d like you to think a private party is not a thing of mine, and my management treated the party as the owners asked for. Please, imagine the party as your party, I’d never say where is your party, what time or who’s gonna be there if you ask me for singing there. I hope you understand.

Anyway, I’m the saddest person about the final result, because I’m dying to meet you and singing for you. I never forget about you and I really wish to meet you all soon. I LOVE YOU!
I hope to compensate this soon!
Apart of this, there were good things I would like to thank. First stop, I wanna thank "The Other Side" club, my amazing team for their incredible work! I wanna thanks my make up artist, Lady Poison & Cia for their imagination and great ideas so fast! My beautiful Arlena, always ready for everything and the rest of my staff. I can’t forget bright Eri DJ I’m dying to work with again soon, the disco and the staff there, and of course, my incredible new Spanish dancers.

I have to thank a lot to them because of their efford, support and inconditional enthusiasm! With no time, rehearsals were hard and they were always ready! No matter the time, the hour, the weather, they were there and you got my trust. So you’re in the army and I will kidnap soon for more, I promise!

Warriors, let me ask for something to show…


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