Sunday, April 10, 2011

MyMonicaSanz: Monica Sanz: A day of rehearsals.

Yesterday, we saw a few seconds of Monica Sanz’s rehearsals. Today, MyMonicaSanz shares with us a video of Monica Sanz’s, April 7. Rehersals + Performance: Monica Sanz sings Born this way by Lady Gaga.

The description says:
No make up, no outfit, no lights…I thought she would kill me, but I promised you yesterday you’ll see more than anybody, and Monica Sanz is agree with it.

We just can say we treated the event as a private one as the promoters asked us for. Our complete RESPECT always for the army.

And to show we have nothing to hide, here you have some intimate moments of her rehearsals and more…enjoy it!

As always, sorry for the quality! That was not thought to be showed.


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