Monday, May 23, 2011

Monica Sanz’s Notes: The bitch is back!

Dear Mark Zuckenberg and friends:
You bore me, but it’s ok. After watching your second message (the second message, on the second time, for the second picture) to my management where you say:
“If you choose not to remove this content, please keep in mind that Facebook will take action on the content and your account”
I just can say that, not my management, not my webmaster team, not my network team and of course not me are going to remove or change anything! Do what you want because I don’t give a f***!
It’s not my fault if my pictures mean sex for you, I’m sorry, but you have seen nothing yet!
Oops! You and everybody can see the full bitch photoshoot, bigger and better on Like this (Sorry for the disappointment, for those who don’t think this is sex):
I gotta go now. Enjoy it! ;)


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